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adobe director

create interactive animations for cdrom (standalone projectors) or for the web (shockwave)

overview : an overview of all the lessons
exam : the end exam
the basics : what can you do with director. examples and a short history
concepts : the analogy that director uses
shortcut keys : a printable page with the shortcuts
editing the stage : manipulation of the shape and location of the sprite
editing the score : manipulation of the time, includes explanation of the color codes
howto : make the files ready for burning and create a hybrid (mac/pc) cd.
stock : free content, stock material
reference : reference and tutorial links
scripting : reference pages about advanced scripting
magicgate : hosts a weekly 30 minute podcast about director (started in january 2006). every thursday with contests, interviews with the developers of director / xtra developers / people who use director, latest news about director and letters from listeners.